I had to be at work at 6:45 this morning to teach a professional development course before school. Needless to say, by 8:30, I was ready for a little break, so I headed down to the Diva's office to show her the new messaging application our district has set up for the techs to talk to one another. Diva isn't exactly a tech, but we set her up anyway, as she is often in need of tech support, and she is key to my staying sane on the job, especially now that the Winged Monkey is no longer employed here and his presence was key to my sanity last year.

The following is the first exchange between the Diva and myself:

Daisy: Hi, Diva!
Diva: ola chica
Daisy: Now you can chat with me yet another way
Daisy: As if we don't talk enough
Diva: well, I do like to stay in touch
Diva: I get very nervooouusss when I can't reach you
Daisy: We are so nerdy typing to one another in the same room.
Diva: I know and talking at the same time
Daisy: And we wonder why we are single?
Diva: It makes me a little less funky
Diva: Cause we are too cool for the boys
Diva: duuhhh
Daisy: Good thing I'm interested in someone as nerdy.
Diva: good point
Diva: I just have those man whores on match
Daisy: Of course, he is texting you at 2:45am, not me. lol.

The texting then stopped because we were laughing at the fact that Winged Monkey was texting her way after acceptable hours of communication in the Diva's world (i.e. after 9:00pm or before 9:00am) and that he really has the most f$%*ed up sleep schedule of anyone we know and that if she'd been more awake the Diva would have chewed him out for being such a guy sometimes and saying that we are too sensitive.

And we get paid for this stuff...