3 hours until I have to leave for the airport and I am still not done packing. I am rather pleased with the state of the suitcase, however, since I really only started packing 2 hours ago, and at least 45 minutes of that time was spent tracking down my travel power adapter. (I knew exactly where it was in my old apartment.)

The forecast for London this week is temperatures in the 40s and 50s...and no rain after Sunday. Not sure what no rain in London means. Do they only start to measure after an inch or two since it rains pretty much all the time there, or do they really mean no rain? Must pack umbrella, just in case because the last thing I need is another vacation umbrella purchase. I have 3 from New York already. (It rains there in June, for those thinking of visiting. Trust me: take an umbrella to NY in June.)

I am excited about everything about this trip...except the plane ride. I have no fear of flying, but 8 1/2 hours non-stop would make anyone cringe. And of course, there is the baby factor. I always end up next to the screaming baby. ALWAYS. Dallas to Tokyo: screaming 2-year-old girl. Bangkok to Tokyo: 4-year-old who insisted on using his seat as a trampoline and then screamed for 2 hours when the flight attendant made his father stop him. Dallas to Frankfurt: Infant who sqwaked every 45 minutes. Do you see the trend.

I am hoping that only British babies are on this flight to London, as the Brits tend to be more reserved, and perhaps genetics will lead to quieter babies. We shall see.