I have absolutely no idea what the title of this post means, but I've had that line in my head since I typed it last night...when I fell asleep while trying to write my daily post. Lol.

There I was, typing about poor Flathead's (aka Landry) unfortunate trip to the pediatrician, and the next thing I know I flinch awake to find that sentence typed at the bottom of the post. It kind of makes me wonder what exactly I had been dreaming about during my brief narcoleptic episode, especially since I had just seen my sister for dinner, and there had been absolutely no hostility of any kind. Strange.

These are the kinds of things that happen when you feel obligated to write every day for something like NaBloPoMo(o.k., all but one day, but that one is being blamed on the Diva since she turned what was supposed to be a Saturday afternoon lunch at the pub into a bold attempt at matchmaking that ended up taking over for the day), and while the experience has been interesting, I feel some of the posts have not. What do you write on days when you really don't have much to say, or when you are so tired you literally find yourself typing in your sleep?

Apparently, you type about two sisters arguing...and then you get to go just a little nuts trying to figure out what exactly it was these two unknown sisters were so upset about. Makes me wonder if this is how Patricia Arquette's character feels on Medium. Maybe I'm psychic. Maybe I'll run into two sisters arguing today and the rest of the story will come to me in a flash and I will be able to save one of them from being the next victim of a local serial killer. (Do we even have any serial killers running around town right now?) Of course, I will have to do this in secret, as the rest of the world will not understand my abilities and will ostracize me or try to exploit me or force me to host my own talk show in the vein of Crossing Over.

It could happen.