I'm not a fan of NCIS. I'm part of the school of thought that CSI was a great show...the first 4 or 5 seasons, but all of the spinoffs and even the current episodes of CSI just don't really interest me. While I know that NCIS isn't really a spinoff, it's so close to CSI, in both content and acronym, it's aways kind of turned me off.

But tonight, I have workmen in my building, so I am on call if they run into any issues with their installations, and I currently find myself eating pizza out of the box while I'm waiting for House to start on USA. Apparently the network has decided that 4 episodes of NCIS back-to-back are the perfect lead in for House, so I've just watched two episodes. Nothing really all that surprising...until the last 5 minutes of the last episode.

The plot involved three drug addicts, at least one of which was acting as a mule. That one had some accident (I was on the phone at that point, so I didn't catch exactly what happened), and he broke his leg and ended up in the hospital where he was going to have surgery. Before they could operate, the drugs leaked into his system and he overdosed.

So, his handler decides to sneak into the morgue with the guy's sister (also an addict) and is planning on cutting the guy open (in front of his sister who is, of course, in desparate need of a hit) and retrieving his investment.

The title of this post already gave away the shocking ending, but you really have to watch the episode to get the full effet. The girl snorted heroin out of her dead brother's gaping abdominal cavity!

I kid you not.

And when she stands up straight again, she has a heroin/blood concoction all over the bottom half of her face.

Who writes this stuff?

Cheesy and disturbing and just...gross.

Dear God, please do not let me replay that scene in my head while I am asleep tonight. It seriously gave me the willies.