So, earlier today I was walking down the hall at school and KS stops me to ask where my red shirt was.

"It's Valentine's!" she proclaimed.

"I'm boycotting this year," I replied.

And I was totally serious, too...until I talked to Ivan.

Ivan, my friends, was the knight in coaxial armor from my cable company who helped get me back online this afternoon after a harrowing 24 hours with no connection. It seems the cable outage on the property last night resulted in my cable modem being completely removed from the system. So, while I was pleasantly surprised when I got home today to find that Truman had once again found his much needed cable connection, I was completely frustrated when I tried to get online and was repeatedly greeted with the cable company's installation screen.

That's when Ivan swooped in and saved the day. At 5:00 on a Friday, when you know he'd rather be headed to happy hour, Ivan took the time to find Crazy Landlady's account, match the MAC address on my modem, and work his magic to get me back online. And believe me, this was a stubborn modem. There was power cycling, and reconfiguring, and ip addresses that did not want to be found.

And the whole time, Ivan just kept saying: "We're gonna get you back online." This dude was determined. I love that in a tech guy. :)

20 minutes later, I've got a connection and Ivan has earned his piece of cake (which, he said, is how he rewards himself for fixing a difficult case). If he weren't in another state, I would have taken him a slice myself. As it is, all I can offer is the virtual version:

Enjoy your treat, Ivan the Great. Consider it a Valentine gift from me, so it's not really breaking your diet! ;)