Gearing up to return to the world of the living tomorrow. Figure I'd just jump into the deep end of humanity, so I'm taking a road trip that will start just before rush hour. (Apparently my recent food deprivation killed half my brain.)

Can't be avoided, as the trip is for work. :(

Since I've been pretty much a hermit for the past four days, there's not much to entertain you with, so I thought I'd just pass on some dating advice I stumbled across. Apparently scientists have once again decided they know how love works. One of the more interesting bits:

If we're to some extent directed toward certain people by our neurochemicals, does that mean if we take Ritalin or Prozac or are on the Pill that we're likely to make bad dating decisions?
Yeah, that's a problem. You're going to marry a different kind of person. As long as you stay on the drugs, it might be O.K. What I'd do is get off drugs before you fall in love — and marry the person after that very early intense stage of love has worn off. I've always maintained that it's adaptive to marry after that stage. I think all over the world people are doing this, because they're living with their partners and even having children first.