You know that I loved you the moment I saw your monochromatic debut on the web. I sacrificed much to bring you home (o.k., fine, I asked everyone in my family for cash for my birthday, but I gave up the usual Half Price Books/Barnes & Noble gift cards, and that is saying a lot).

Many scoffed at my "downgrade", as they called it, from a classic to a nano: your hard drive wasn't as large, and your screen was no comparison, they said. But I knew that size was trivial next to true performance, and this morning you have proven yourself beyond my wildest expectations. In the cold dark of our early morning run, strapped steadfastly on my arm, you encouraged my weary body and soothed my troubled psyche. And then, when your batteries were at their lowest... still managed to save the data for one of my best runs before you succumbed to my thoughtless neglect of your charging needs.

This morning, you have shown me what true devotion looks like, Nano Nanu, and it will not soon be forgotten. Here is to another 80+ miles together, and fully charged batteries to boot.

Your faithful companion,