I know that you were sent by the cable company to trim the pecan tree in the backyard, but I really don' think they intended for you to mutilate the ancient thing so that it is unrecognizable as a living entity and instead now resembles something like a tree (kind of like when you unbend a paperclip and then try to end it back but can never quite get the paperclip shape just right again). So, can you blame my 89-year-old granddad for asking you to stop?

O.k., so maybe he didn't actually ask as much as he demanded you get down out of the tree, but you still had no right to tell your supervisor (who then told the local police) that he threatened you with a shotgun. He didn't have the shotgun in his hands, did he? No. He merely mentioned the fact that there was one in the house and that he was not opposed to using it to get you out of the tree himself if you refused to remove yourself by your own devices.

I really think the whole thing was really just one big misunderstanding, don't you?