Big storm came through last night. Tornado sirens freak me out to begin with, but my new neighborhood's are extra creepy: after the siren lets out this obnoxiously high pitched whine for about 5 minutes the thing actually starts talking. This disembodied voice tells you to take cover immediately. If I'd been asleep, I can imagine I would have thought it was God: "Daisy, this is our final warning. Either get your life together or take cover immediately." lol.

Everything had blown over by about midnight, the beauty of high winds. This morning, skies were clear, and the full moon was floating in the sky like a celestial floodlight when I went out for my early run. Made me wish someone would flick off the annoying streetlamps and just let mother nature do the job. Her lighting is always so much more elegant.

This was the fist run in about 2 weeks, since my recent bout with intestinal malaria. It amazes me how after 6 months of regular runs I can feel completely out of shape after two weeks off. Still, I made 1.92 of my usual 2.38 miles (thank you, Nike+) and it felt good to get my legs moving again. Helped my head too. After the gray day yesterday and my mourning my too brief visit to Austin, I needed a little endorphin pick-me-up. Like I've told my sister, it's really hard to run and cry at the same time.