For many years, my favorite movie was The Shining. Tonight, I think I checked into Austin's version of The Overlook. Granted, there isn't any snow, and there isn't any winding road up a mountain, and there isn't a hedge maze out the back door, but there also isn't anyone here.

I give you Exhibit A:

This is the view from our room door. You can see that the hall across the lobby is completely abandoned. There is not a single soul across the way, and this is only around 10:00 pm. We have not seen anyone on our side of the hall either, actually, though I did see one guy get off an elevator. I have decided he may have been a ghost.

Even more disturbing is Exhibit B:

This is the hotel bar. That's right, a hotel bar in Austin, Texas, during a convention week, and it is 100% empty. Seriously, 10:00pm: no guests, no bartender. Let me repeat: no bartender in the bar in Austin. That's like a sign of the apocalypse or something. No bar in Austin is ever empty at 10:00pm. None. Half the population of the town are bartender's for Pete's sake.

Even creepier is the fact that here I sit, at a keyboard, typing away. And after my weekend bout with the stomach flu, there are some unfortunate similarities between Jack Nicholson's face and my own.

Any minute I'm expecting little Danny to come scooting around the corner of the hall on his Big Wheel...