It' 36 degrees outside (according to my updated weather gadget), 33 on the time & temperature icon on the bottom of the screen on channel 5. And it is misting. There is a "wintry mixture" falling according to the weather lady who refuses to give up the spotlight.

For a state that chooses a boot wearing, stetson donning, pistol toting, testosterone laden cowboy as its stereotype, we've got nothing on the vikings of Wisconsin or Minnesota. They probably laugh in the face of a little ice; we cringe and hide our heads under our covers, refusing to get out of bed.

Not that I mind. I was rooting for a bad weather day as much as the next 10-year-old kid, and I'm more than a little disappointed that the temperature didn't cooperate...yet. I'm still holding on to hope that the nasally weather lady is right about the temperature continuing to drop this afternoon, staying cold over night, and icing the roads for tomorrow so perhaps I can at least sleep late.

I do, however, hope that everyone makes it home safely this afternoon when the water has had a chance to freeze on all the highways. Put a Texan in a pickup on ice and you have a recipe for disaster.