Apparently 8 at a time, 9 if you count the one I am typing this on.

I wish I had a camera on me right now. I think people would find it somewhat impressive and mildly amusing to see me in my little office (closet is really a better description, but it does have two windows, so I can't complain much), surrounded by laptops that are balanced precariously on anything that will hold them upright long enough for me to run the software updates I have to get done by Monday morning. Seriously: tables, chairs, printers, boxes, even an upside down trashcan.

I spent 5 hours up here yesterday, moving almost continuously from one computer to another: log in, turn on network card, log in again, pull down 1st update, reboot, log in again, pull down 2nd update, reboot again, log in again, load utility, remove old driver, install new driver, load new software. This is what I got a master's degree for? Not very intellectually taxing, but tedious enough to make me want to jump out my little windows (which really would be more of a dramatic gesture since the drop to the roof is only about 2 feet).

64 laptops total, and I only got half of them done yesterday because the program is freakin' humongous, and apparently no one had let Windows load its updates in about 6 months, so I had to let those run as well.

So, here I am again today, when I would much rather be on my couch, in my PJs watching some cheesy movie on TNT or something until at least noon.

This is what happens when malaria strikes mid-week, forcing you to take to your bed for two days: you end up locked in an empty high school, running endless updates on laptops with an extraordinary number of missing keys on their keyboards. It's like the IT person's 7th circle of hell or something.