In the midst of folding my fifth (and last) load of laundry I was flipping channels when I happened upon an episode of No Reservations. Anthony Hawaii.

Now, Hawaii is one of my favorite places on the planet, and I've been to enough places for this to be a significant statement. I'm not a sun goddess by any stretch of the imagination: any of my pictures attest to the fact that I don't hit the beach without SPF 45 and a wide brimmed hat. But that has never stopped me from loving the ocean and the sand that inevitably comes with it. Even better, Hawaii also has beautiful mountains with some spectacular hiking trails, thriving artist communities, truly friendly locals, and some amazing restaurants. This last is probably why Anthony Bourdain chose to visit.

Anthony Bourdain (you have to say his whole name or it just doesn't sound right) is one of my guilty pleasures. His wit, his sarcasm, his love of travel and food make this man that otherwise looks a little like a gray-haired Elliot Gould strangely attractive. He makes me laugh, he's not afraid of making a fool of himself, and he has absolutely no pretensions. And, he can write. Just read the first few pages of his book The Nasty Bits where he talks about seal hunting and you will understand why I have a strange infatuation with him.

So, here is one of my literary/tv crushes, in one of my favorite places, and what is he doing? Talking about Hawaiians' obsession with SPAM and quoting Patrick Swayze in Point Break. I am not making this up. They even put the quote up on a black screen to lead into the segment where Anthony considers surfing...brilliant!

TV does not get any better than this.