Got home today to find an odd envelope in my mailbox. It was from a collection agency. It was a SafeLight Traffic Citation from one of those red light cameras. The date on the citation?


I barely remember last week; how the heck am I supposed to remember what I did a year and a half ago?

Apparently, I can relive the forgotten moment by looking up a video of my violation online, and according to the helpful gentleman that finally answered my call after I spent 15 minutes trying to dial my way through the automated options, I rolled through a flashing red light, going 20 miles an hour.

He also said they sent a notice two weeks after the incident, but when he read the address to me, they had left off my old apartment number. No explanation for that one, since the city always managed to get it right on my registration renewal and my water bill for the 5 years that I lived there.

Anyway, the incident is going to cost me $100; that or I have to take defensive driving. :(

I am not happy.