For those uninitiated in the Life of Daisy, a few basic facts:

1) Daisy is on the petite side, and this fact lends to her also being more than slightly cold-natured. This is why Daisy loves her new micro fleece sheets, which pair wonderfully with her vast array of flannel pajamas.

2) Daisy loves her pajamas. It is one of Daisy's goals in life to find a job that allows her to wear her pajamas all day, every day. (Except of course when her as-yet-to-be-located handsome prince decides to take Daisy out. On these occasions, Daisy will dress in appropriate going-out attire.)

3) Daisy is a bit of a finicky eater. She is not fond of chocolate or ice cream, can not stand the smell of mayonnaise, and avoids sushi and most anything in a cream sauce. She does, however have three major weaknesses in the food department: pizza, pancakes, and anything with cinnamon. (Cinnamon is like crack in Daisy's world; it makes her downright giddy.)

4) Daisy is what most people would call a lightweight in the alcohol department. Most of Daisy's closest friends would laugh at this understatement. 1/2 a drink makes for a dizzy Daisy. 1 1/2 drinks gets you a drunken Daisy. 2 drinks: a dreamin' Daisy. (Good thing Daisy doesn't snore, as snoring in bars is no way to attract a handsome prince.)

This, however, does not keep Daisy from enjoying vodka mixed with just about anything fruity, or Saki (as long as she holds her breath), or the sparkling sangria at The Porch, or, on a rare occasion, a glass of wine. (Only one glass, on a full stomach, as wine has a history of making Daisy's stomach hurt for days, if drunk on an empty stomach or in combination with vodka.)

5) Daisy likes to climb rocks. (Well, fake rocks, at least.) For the past few years she has been playing around once or twice a week at the indoor rock climbing gym, and she has been steadily improving, until recently, when Daisy hurt her hand. Daisy has not climbed in nearly 2 months, patiently waiting for the annoying appendage to heal itself of the traitorous tendinitis. Daisy's climbing partner has been very patient as well, so sometimes Daisy goes non-climbing and belays her partner. When this happens, her climbing partner often buys her dinner to cheer her up since she is jealous that he gets to climb and she does not.

6) Daisy has recently rediscovered running and the fact that, 15 years after she first discovered running, she (still) enjoys it immensely. Daisy runs 4-5 mornings a week, and Daisy prefers to run in the dark, if she can get her scrawny butt out of her aforementioned micro fleece sheets and flannel pajamas in time. Since Daisy tends to wake up extremely early without an alarm, you would think this would be easy. Not so when it is cold. (See #1 above.)

7) Daisy is a bit of a nerd. She likes books and computers.

All of these facts contribute to this morning's installment:

Daisy went non-climbing yesterday afternoon, and as a reward for her exceptional belaying skills, she was taken to dinner at her new favorite pizza place, Eno's, where she ate half of a large pie all by her little self and washed it down with a larger than average glass of red wine. Needless to say, Daisy arrived home quite content, if not a little dizzy. Shortly thereafter, Daisy went to bed early.

This morning, Daisy awoke at 4:30, a good hour before her alarm went off. Being a good nerd, she reached over to the side of the bed to retrieve her trusty laptop, and began her day reading some of her favorite blogs online. By 5:15 she thought it about time to consider going out for a morning run, even though she usually doesn't run on Mondays, since lingering in her beloved pjs as long as possible seems to help her accept the fact that she has to eventually go to work.

But today, Daisy checked the weather on her Google homepage and saw that it was 50 degrees outside, and that the forecast for the rest of the week looked cruddy, so she figured she better run today while the weather was pleasant.

Daisy drank some water, put on her sweats, and headed out the door. Halfway down the street, Daisy knew something was amiss. There was no way this was 50 degrees, and her weather gadget had not mentioned anything about drizzle. :(

Halfway through her run, Daisy's tummy began to remind her that she had had wine last night, so by the time Daisy arrived back home, 2 1/2 miles after setting out, her stomach was on fire, a feeling that only intensified when Daisy noticed that her Google weather gadget had recently refreshed itself and now the temperature read 43 degrees. :(

7 degrees makes a big difference to a dainty Daisy, especially when there is windy drizzle involved. Daisy's nose is cold, her fingers are a bit numb, and she can feel my malaria gearing up for a fierce rematch with her beloved Sudafed.

All of leads us to #8: Daisy really dislikes Mondays. :(