That's the motto for 2009, folks: 2009 Drama Free (or as my friend JF abbreviated it: DF '09).

In the past, I have been a big believer in New Year's resolutions, but this year I'm forgoing the usual list and adopting a simple motto. If Oprah can do it ("The Year of Hope", or something like that), then why can't I?

You see, 2008 was way too drama-filled for my humble tastes. And, while some day the crazy landlady, or the almost love story, or the holidays from hell might make good fodder for a short story or two, right now they have just left me exhausted and ready for a period of relative peace.

With this in mind, I hereby declare 2009 a Drama Free Zone. (A DFZ, if you will: kind of like the DMZ, only without the danger of malaria, which my friend redheadedali can tell you is one disease I have had a mild obsession with ever since taking a graduate class with a professor who specialized in malaria and shared fascinating malaria facts with us every week. For example, did you know malaria led to the invention of modern air conditioning? Fever-ridden malaria wards, a ventilation system, and ice. I've never checked the accuracy of this particular claim, but I digress.)

One of my beloved co-workers, DM, when hearing this year's motto, pointed out that life in general is bound to have drama, and that trying to avoid drama altogether would be not only impossible, but possibly detrimental to my mental state, since I am bound to fail and failure would only add to the stress of the inevitable drama. She suggested that it might be healthier to try to learn better coping mechanisms to employ when said drama rears its ugly head. (Note to self: Remember to tell DM about this past Friday's discovery of butterscotch schnapps at book club meeting. Could be possible new coping mechanism, but not sure if that was what she had in mind.) My current state of exhaustion makes denial a much more appealing route to take, but DM's wisdom is irrefutable, so I guess I should probably at least consider her point.

Still, I think consciously trying not to add any unnecessary drama to the world and avoiding putting myself into situations that will unquestionably result in drama cannot be a wholly bad idea.

So far, so good. I've managed 9 out of 10 days of this year (Friday was a bit bumpy), and I bet that's way better than the majority of people have done sticking to their more traditional New Year's resolutions. (You know there are thousands of people out there that have already snuck a cigarette or a donut.)

So that's the motto and I guess we'll see how it goes. We'll also see how this blog goes, since this is my third attempt to start one and the first two are pretty much defunct. I am, however, more inspired this year by my friends redheadedali and dallasdiva, as well as many of the other amazing blogs I have discovered in the past year (check the sidebar), so maybe this one will take. :)